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it happened with the. top stories now the u.n. monitoring mission in syria is getting new major reinforcements to the security council unanimously votes to send three hundred observers to the conflict torn country that's amid reports of troops violations by both the rebels and government troops. as a media blackout in france ahead of sunday's presidential poll ten candidates including incumbent nicolas sarkozy fight it out for the top job in the country hit by social divisions and record unemployment. energy hungry china works to secure a slice of the arctic riches chinese premier on a tour of the nordic states hopes to win support for beijing to tap into the
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mineral resources hidden beyond the arctic so. i'll be back with another update from fifteen minutes from now in the meantime it is the latest edition of this time with an oriental twist. hello konichiwa on the space program taking a look at japanese culture here in the russian capital although it's seven and a half thousand kilometers away but the muscovites are fascinated by subjects as are gali asian cuisine and japanese animation so joey what i miss as you take a look at various shops classes sports and press and also starting off here after. all those thousands of kilometers from moscow some people forget that russia and the far eastern areas the country acrylics and the island sakhalin. the two
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countries have strong commercial relations and russians have been fascinated by japanese traditions and culture for centuries. opened in one thousand nine hundred eight to japan foundation here is a welcome addition for everyone in moscow from japanese ex-pats to the thousands of russian students japanese. as you can see the live restocks thousands of books videos d.v.d.'s and c.d.'s. and all are available to rent the study ownership purposes. from origami to language classes the cultural department is a focal point of education and creativity as various workshops a mouse across is held here. here you can see class in action the art form of japanese calligraphy allan being studied for over three thousand years and knowledge of calligraphy is an important step in the understanding of japanese culture because here practicing with it's my first time it's not as easy as
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i thought it would be skill patience and imagination is needed. brushstrokes and now. be corrected and a lack of confidence will show up in the what characters must be written only once and there's no altering touching card or adding to them afterwards. there are several other workshops people of all ages and nationalities can participate in. this is a class showcasing people of the art of peacefully arranging flowers and leaves in losses and other constrain is the choice of what flowers to arrange is guided by the desire to create harmony between the flower and container find flowers that blend in well with its surroundings the key consideration is to use a few stems and leaves as possible and you compose elegant console's to highlight the flowers beauty. to our next location and shopping
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like any other major capital city moscow has its own foreign communities many of these are set up schools in moscow published there are newspapers magazines and open stores selling their own crafts under control juice cons make it to tokyo never mind you can still visit this japanese seek market to stock up on delicious sushi in japanese saki. the store here off is an authentic japanese korea experience based around chief fundamental principles the quality of freshness of ingredients. great. for my friend now this store starts pretty much everything you need for a taste of japan but said it's not just about food stuffs like seaweed. and why whole range of products such as he said sets parasols which you can see here but yes surprise surprise it's not cheap but what to do if you're off to the perfect japanese experience here in oregon capital. and as
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a showcase to the diverse and of a developing cultural scene and lifestyle of the russian capital this is restaurants and thankfully chops are opening at an amazing great. we had our first store open in one thousand. ninety three on prostate neurons our idea back then was to sell japanese food for the japanese community in moscow our main customers were ex-pats until ninety nine years and then japanese food became very popular and fashionable among russians to. invasion of japanese cuisine for the russian market of the past decade is only two parents there are hundreds of japanese eateries in moscow including both high end restaurants and student cafes from the swanky famous restaurant local television far spookier six you can get your sushi for twenty four hours a day. the festival of contemporary japanese culture called j. fest has become a large annual event in the recent capital. featuring all
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aspects of pop culture including fashion cuisine computer games and chicken is animation money on the tracks thousands of generally young visitors. the last festival was held in of amateurs eleven and highlights just for aspects fashion animation and architecture. to the japanese embassy now and its theme here to be promotes that country's culture in russia and to find out more about the promotion of japanese culture in moscow let's meet this week's guests great to meet and i thank you very much for your time now tell me about your job here at the japanese embassy as. i talk a lot about japanese politics stephany's economy or what's going on in japan including culture so that more and more russian people understand and feel clothes that are speaking of how close they are it's after a fascinating that moscow is in fact. a long way away but i believe that.
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yes russia is the largest country in the world with the eastern part is very close to actually the distance between japan and russia is only three or forty three kilometers i'm not suckle in the eyes and yes. but they're both very culturally very very very different yes very different and i think every year the interest in japan you know gets larger and larger every year no matter what kind of japanese festivals like there are in the music. and our traditional cultures of paintings people can't just come or last year we had our japanese contemporary culture festival in the vendor and during the two day period we had over twelve thousand people well coming to visit so. there's no doubt that the japanese culture in japan itself out they very very popular and the thing more and more popular among the russian people your final question what do you miss about about
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you about the i missed the hot springs. of course it will own my you are my hometown now for thanks very much especially over you know your work here you know the shuttle thank you very much if you can see. the japanese arthur grey miniature trees in a box bonsai has found many followers in russia to the original bonsai practice focuses on long time cultivation and the shaping of very small trees it's not easy to grow and demand for a cat to show up here and of assert it all russian exhibition center has their response by trees you can buy either a young tree for around thirty dollars and try great yourself you can get an already shaped exclusive tree it's might cost it's eight thousand dollars. cultural and entertainment calendar is packed with various events celebrating the land of the rising sun all year round the muslim museum of modern art is now
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hosting an exhibition of contemporary art course doubled the spectators at showcase work by over thirty artists from japan. dubai to this high on the project we try to . oldest of various styles ages and from different parts of japan to present the whole diversity of the country's contemporary art there's a copy of. the first five millimeter cinema vocalizes annual festivals of anime. while performances of japanese dramas always sold out advance of moscow's barry's music halls. if you want to express yourself through song then why not try outs karaoke coming from the japanese words meaning empty orchestra from underground and grungy to v.i.p.'s funky there are hundreds of karaoke holes in the russian capital many venues have thousands of songs to choose from including russian and english and it's
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a popular form of payment for people of all ages plans nationalities. i'm traveling half an hour outside the city since we've arrived here twelve pilot location and if you thought that japanese culture was all about before one side trees graceful kimono dress and meditation you thought wrong so well wait roll the statue next to me my could be some ideas for me. just take a look at the medals here the men and women of a sense have been winning awards pairs combat sports competitions says the knights in sixty's all the other martial arts are enjoyed here chuckie sumo wrestling is one of the most popular culture warrior when the school opened fifteen years ago it was the first school in russia which held soon a practice so then sumo was generally unknown and an unusual activity for russians but now it's become very popular. for girls must be judged as a competitive full context sports where wrestler attempts to force another wrestler
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out of the secular range it's a great way to keep fit for many it's an ideal way to distress and a great outlet for expression men and women included just take a look. it's on with the belts otherwise known as a washer in japan these can be traditionally over night meters long as you would make it just feel quite strange but they provide a great need just. i feel losses of like and the ring with the russian champion a leg but horse tension is not the worst to come face to face with a joint award winning version sumo wrestling is simply terrifying. and here because. from the page of folding fascinating hobby of origami to the recent sushi mania
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that's taken as a must start japanese culture has exploded in the russian capital luckily for many they don't have to be training for sumo wrestling ring to witness muscovites ties to cultural grace. and although i constantly battle to prove how amazing the city of mystery is this is most folks i'm sure i went with. well at least i'd try them for say that so that's how we have left on this big program on japanese culture in the russian capital i'll see you again at the same time next week about specific. helmer. it's. clear.
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on. this. list some.
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and there's a currency crisis some tough cuts some tragic integration figures some. who will be left standing when the people speak. the french election on our t.v. . there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . is to get the maximum political impact fox. before the source material is. journalism released. we want to present. something our.
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top stories this hour on our t.v. u.n. monitoring mission in syria is getting reinforcements after the security council unanimously voted to send three hundred observers to the conflict country that's amid reports of troops violations by both the rebels and government tree. doesn't media blackout in france ahead of sunday's presidential poll ten candidates including the incumbent are up to fight to fight it out for the top job in a country hit by social divisions and record unemployment. also reporting the energy hungry china works to secure a slice of the riches of chinese premier on a tour of the nordic states hopes to win support for beijing to tap into the hidden beyond the arctic so. i'll be back with more on this story in full in fifty minutes
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from now meantime kate is next with all the latest sports. hello welcome to the latest court on this action packed saturday and the headlines . staying alive tonight my moscow french and must when it's free to return again i'm guardian siberia to invade middle daryn cup finals. while the poles of champions in the full have to wait a little longer to retain their time off to come back to salvage their tools or rebound in the russian premier league. but this class that moniker is not sober beats an array vanished you can watch the back level in the sunny bonno of france with in the side cover. both lines but we don't champion sebastian vettel grabs his first pole position yet charles lewis hamilton it can stop a secret bahrain grand prix. with dry saki and in the k h l n i'm almost going to
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have defied the hostile siberian ground to beat up on god streets and stay alive in the car in cup finals well on god's word one win away from lifting their maiden trophy and playing with bandages the line soon is man when the tree goes down early in the second period sure managed to score a nice in and mostly whom when it comes to school to do this kind of season won't your event good then doubled down on his lead lead way through the first period. constantly because i did this. and so on probably i'm off pulled one back to send local fans into that way through the second round of the dark struggle to find more goals and it's almost three minutes to go replace the goal to end up with an outfield player while the plan paid off duty at some drop in the last day or so the long range but it was too little too late stage three two two now and we're trying
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to level the best of seven series the three apiece in moscow on monday. in football that russian champions in some petersburg have failed to all but secure back to back titles this saturday after coming from behind a door to two that could land well in a tri always second place or the home side to take the lead but they are shouting and the one shock of struck within three minutes just saves the drop the try to split his men got thirteen points pierce five time who tried to cut back got fans attend on sunday when they host and she's got four more games and twelve more points profit grabs for this weekend if we can even before a lot in form bosnia midfielders this time some of which netted the winner do not know moscow's won no daddy big three times rivals to stump the goat flying in on seventeen minutes after new signing bush rejects the idea of. the league's top scorer so you do have a good chance to level matters right out of the restart but his head out of sight by the goalkeeper and. well opposite number you go back in favor also produced
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spectacular saves a third win the last four games was enough for the whites to leapfrog spot psyching to second last champions league spot at least until sunday injury to sky who wants jason these are the top so they were in the street extend this to five matches. while in the early get up and pile heaps more misery on bottom side sponsor nonstick after a slow one no hundred three side capitalize on a defensive break ten minutes before half time i'm rich could have played the freaking course but i. think that glaringly omar thirty five from close range what he will have now lost seven of their last eight games is the way to break down carney as always from the break a sions own ends. what else have all the rest of the panels each off nine months on to knowing that aston from was not good of their going to last the first spot kick the home side after twenty minutes and steps i. thought about shake up something
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the feeling well that in the dying minutes a foul up out of baby love in the penalty area gave vulgar the chance to run up the wind but it took a bit of time as tempers frayed and i say that sucked in the face twice. with a couple of top players and were given off and allowed to give off about sons off after the incident and maybe laugh but i need that in this second second wasn't. points from safety. while i've been off the stage serving chelsea six with a dollar store at the emirates but you know how can i scored in each half as newcastle way or the three no when i mistake aston villa's sunderland finished nil nil a bit like the new kid within goal difference of safety with the two know which sturridge bolton slipped to second vasan after rob monitor all its forms each other for the x. one hundred career goal stand their arses late strife a full empty lot when i really get. to regain that fourth spot and there q.p.r. and the like again and we'll know their luck this right all over in spain also
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loner aiming to bounce back from wednesday's champions league defeat at chelsea by winning a crunch el classico at the nou camp victory over need israel on the grid would come up with a top to a single point then four games left to play the sides have met five times already this season his boss is yet to be beaten so it's no surprise coach. keep playing the way all season. try to find some details to. playing more controlled the game in. it will be better you have more chances to create opportunities to score and score goals so. we know each other very well. then we want to try to play the same philosophy you know it's not going to change many many things. tennis now and it's all square in the five cup semi final here in moscow as for time when is russia have pulled the tie against serbia back to one
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one format world number one where they rank you get in front of a straight set when i got in a stuffy a public about in the first singles rubber but in the second van. a second set fight back from another former top ranked player on their evanovich to win three let's tie on elsewhere holders the czech republic are two now up in their seventy final against italy you see so far about the former french open champion francesca's here only in straight sets. number three and wimbledon champion it's about how class are iranian also in straight sets however there was worse news for the czech republic man tom marshburn i think is the sixty's well victim two world number one no that got rich in the sunny honors in monte carlo last as the serbian battled back from a slight down to outlast burdick in two hours and fourteen minutes seven time defending champion rafael would all have an easier time against france and winning their last four match in straight sets. under florida law now and world champion
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sebastian vettel has taken his and red bulls the first opposition of the year ahead of lewis hamilton and the control to see hit bahrain grand prix while the german has been uncomfortable in his new car and haven't qualified for bahrain but on saturday he was just under a tenth of a second quicker than its mclaren rival teammate mark webber was the second mclaren of jenson button was for the last weekend's win in the last savings prize beyond the alonzo difference at a time and his nine so after saving a set of tires for the race michael. start seventeenth hole despite only going civil unrest in the country if one's chains are hoping for sunday's race to go ahead. now to some good news for russia's top ten most. the four walls champion has recovered from damage and i come here waiting at the some of the impacts from. the soviet union used to be the world's best in women's gymnastics producing employer threw off the top gene list
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brought home thirty three olympic gold eleven more than romania the global competition in the sport has increased dramatically over the last three decades. but in the guinness good students computer from delhi there are forty two medals at stake overall at the olympics and last row championships these medals went to twenty one countries of seoul in the women's events just forty six teams will battle for gold in our priority is the team competition because it's the most prestigious the all around events come second after all we are mustafa you know one of the first medal in twenty years for russia and the all around event at the world championships and we are counting on her you know but russia's brightest stars of the twenty ten all round world champion thirteen are suffered a serious knee injury at last year's european championships and was ruled out for more than six months however the seventy year old is back and preparing for early
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for her most important event so what will london olympics. pressure i've almost recovered from my injury i competed at the domestic championship and was happy with my performance i doubt i'm the biggest star on the team however i feel the responsibility of the olympics will be even higher than at the world championships when you figured that out. before her injury my stuff and i had the most difficult program in the world we're trying not to rush a comeback. it's going well and she's regaining her form step by step she's already training at full strength and will be ready for. this to journalists who have suffered such a need a year before the olympics have made successful richer and but none of them won the girl. however some pundits say that the stuff she was injury may be a blessing for her the last reigning world champion to win olympic gold was ukraine's leopold cup over back in the one nine hundred ninety six. so perhaps by
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missing last year's world championships the great games focus is off russia's best medal hopes and could ensure she finishes where she belongs on top of the podium his name but they're both. finally former world champion tests so many areas also gunning for the big l'oreal for the controversial south african qualified for this summer's london games although twenty one was wrong about the eight hundred meters faster than the qualifying time of one minute fifty nine point nine zero seconds which is done so twice this year which is enough to put her spot on the national team so many rocketed to spain by easing to have made in berlin in two thousand and nine but her dominance over the rest of the field was so pronounced it raised concerns over her agenda three tests done nothing for eleven months. because if you go was unable to run the games it's like it will cost you still a smidgen to qualify but the olympics i thought was
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a good step forward. and that's of course i think. the world. science technology innovation all the list of bellemont from around russia we've got the future are very.
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